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Minimum Security

James Vierra, Warden

Carole Dwyer, Deputy Warden

Joseph Jankowski, Deputy Warden

Wayne Salisbury, Deputy Warden


Opened: 1978

  • Expanded: 1989 & 1992
  • Average Facility Population: 402 (FY13)
  • Operational Capacity (FY13): 710
  • Annual Cost Per Offender (FY 13): $54,586

Minimum Brochure

Minimum Security (Visiting Schedule for May, 2018)

The Minimum Security facility was opened in 1978 in a converted hospital building on Howard Avenue in Cranston. In 1989, Minimum Security (MIN) expanded to a second building, and in July of 1992, with the construction of a connecting addition, the facility became one large complex, with a 710-bed inmate capacity.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Minimum Security facility is to integrate constructive programming with a safe, secure, and humane environment which protects society while encouraging the rehabilitation of offenders. Minimum Security is unique among the facilities in that is has the capability to provide 100% employment. Only inmates medically certified as unemployable do not work. Jobs range from institutional to public service projects. All of our staff are committed to this goal.

The facility also houses Work Release Program inmates. Inmates classified or court ordered to the Work Release Program are allowed to obtain gainful employment in the private sector while residing in a correctional facility. The Work Release Program is an essential component of the Department's reintegration efforts

Available Programs

  • Academic
    General Education Development (GED) Preparation, Community College of Rhode Island
  • Vocational
    Work Release Program, Barber Apprentice Program
  • Treatment/Rehabilitative
    Providence Center, Anger Management, Domestic Violence, Beginning Recover, Parenting, Resolving Conflicts, Beginning Recovery, Victims Impact, Health Education, Overdose Prevention, Alcohol and Narcotics Anonymous, Religious Services, Discharge Planning, DBT and LORTE