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Bernadette Building

Donna Collins, Warden

  • Opened: 2011
  • Average Facility Population: 95 (FY 11)
  • Operational Capacity: 100 (FY 11)
  • Annual Cost Per Offender (FY 11): $83,488

Women's Facilities (WOM) house four categories of female offenders in two separate buildings. The new Gloria McDonald Awaiting Trial and Medium Security Facility opened in December of 2010, and the Minimum Security and Work Release inmates are housed in the newly renovated Bernadette Building, next door to the new GM building.

Click here to access the visiting schedule for women's.

Click here to see a brochure on the Women's Facilities.

Click here for A Guide for Friends and Families of Incarcerated. (Spanish version)

Mission Statement

The Rhode Island Department of Corrections' Women's Facilities are dedicated to the protection of society by providing appropriate, safe, and humane control of female offenders and women awaiting trial and also by encouraging and assisting women, through treatment and educational programs, to become productive and law-abiding members of the community. They are dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of inmates and staff and encouraging positive interactions between staff and offenders. They respect the unique social, cultural, and gender-specific needs of female offenders and address those needs with opportunities to treat them.

Available Programs

  • Academic
    Adult Basic Education (ABE), General Education Development (GED), College, Computer Literacy.
  • Vocational
    Job Preparation, Counseling, Assessment.
  • Treatment/Rehabilitative
    Substance Abuse Treatment, Domestic Violence Counseling, Victims of Sexual Violence Abuse, Project GROW, Discharge Planning, AIDS Education and Counseling, Lifeliners, Parenting Education, Extended Visits, Religious Services, Creative Writing Workshop, Therapeutic Community for Substance Abusers.