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High Security Center

Michael Moore, Deputy Warden

  • Opened: 1981
  • Average Facility Population: 93 (FY17)
  • Operational Capacity: 138 (FY 17)
  • Annual Cost Per Offender (FY 17): $208,911


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The High Security Center (HSC) is a self-contained super maximum security facility which houses inmates who require close custody, control, and security. The HSC is comprised of two 24-bed modules, four 12-bed modules, and four hospital rear rooms. The module design allows offenders with varied custody requirements to be safely housed in the facility. High Security has no industries operation and no contact visits except for those in protective custody. A well stocked legal and recreational library, classification board room, classroom, barber shop, and chapel serve as support to the inmate population.

Mission Statement

The mission of the High Security Center is to provide custody, control and security during the process of confining those persons sentenced under the provisions of a duly appointed court of law. During confinement: (1) to provide correctional treatment, training, care, and supervision commensurate with custody grade and category necessary to return each inmate to society as an effective member of that society and as a useful citizen with improved attitude and motivation; (2) It is the responsibility of each inmate to seek out and take advantage of those programs offered within the facility.

Available Programs

  • Academic
    Adult Basic Education (ABE), General Education Development (GED), Special Education, College CLEP Courses (Community College of Rhode Island)
  • Treatment/Rehabilitation
    AVATAR (a cognitive development program aimed at helping inmates overcome institutional adjustment issues); Think First (assists inmates in developing pro-social skills in preparation for their return to general population); Substance Abuse Relapse Prevention (SARP); Residential Treatment Unit (RTU) for Seriously and Mentally Ill (SPMI) inmates; Canine Assisted Recovery and Enhanced Support for Mentally Ill inmates (C.A.R.E.S.); dialectical behavior therapy with an emphasis on impulse control; stress management; anger management; arts and healing, and religious services.
  • RTU
    The mission of the RTU is to provide inmates with programming, treatment and structure as an alternative to placement in Disciplinary Confinement Unit (DCU) or an Administrative Confinement Unit (ADC) or when deemed clinically appropriate. The goal of the placement in the RTU is to assist inmates to acheive their highest level of functioning by developing alternative coping skills that result in behavioral stability sufficient to return to general population.