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Healthcare Services

Vacant, Interdepartmental Project Manager

Phone: (401) 462-3881 (for medical records requests)
Fax: (401) 462-2683
Intake Service Center
18 Slate Hill Road
Cranston, RI 02920

Under the management of an Interdepartmental Project Manager, there are Health Care Services clerks, one medical billing clerk, and one supervisor handling an electronic health record system for the inmate population. Active records are used on a daily basis to record and support medical decision making. Inactive records are stored for five years at the ISC where information is requested and copied for outside health care/rehab services providers with appropriately signed consents from the patient. Another support service provided by this unit is scheduling of specialty consults (medical furloughs) as well as medical claims processing for these trips. The medical record is a vital component of the health care services provided to the patient as a means of communicating between clinicians (medical, mental health, and dental) as well as maintaining a chronology of all diagnostic tests, treatments, and care provided to our patients.

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