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Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Lauranne Howard, M.A.
Coordinator of Substance Abuse

Bernadette Building
15 Fleming Road
Cranston, RI 02920
Phone: (401) 462-3794
Fax: (401) 462-5237

The RIDOC provides an organized approach to substance abuse treatment with 3 levels of service delivery. The levels of treatment are:

Level 1 Modified Therapeutic Communities (6 months for male and 3-4 months for females)

Level 2 Intense Day Treatment (3 to 6 months for males and females)

Level 3 Out-patient (8-10 weekly sessions)

Contracts for substance abuse treatment are funded by “State” dollars other than a reduced level of RSAT funding for a Residential Treatment program in Minimum Security. The current vendor for Substance Abuse Treatment is Spectrum Health Services, Inc. The concept of continual sobriety has also been extended to the involvement of self-help programs such as AA and NA within the institutions. The new contract calls for greater emphasis on outcomes, especially on recidivism rates. Additionally, we are working on the development of a comprehensive substance abuse data base that will facilitate treatments and placements.

RIDOC recognizes that continuation of treatment in the community is vital for the maintenance of sobriety. Inmates continue to be evaluated by Mr. McDonald and assessed for appropriate placement in the community based on both the individual’s needs and treatment facility differences. These assessments are done as part of an inmate’s parole plan or as an alternative to incarceration. Some treatment programs come into our facilities to do their own assessments. Mr. McDonald also coordinates efforts with the Public Defender’s Social Workers and with Court orders for treatment.