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Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Peter Loss, ACSW
Director, Sex Offender Treatment Program

John J. Moran Facility
West Road, Building 145
Cranston, RI 02920
Phone: (401) 462-3708

Peter Loss has been providing sex offender treatment at the RIDOC for 18 years and has established a strong working relationship with the Department. He is well respected by the Institutions and Operations staffs who know how strongly he holds individuals accountable for their behaviors. Additionally, the Parole Board is very reliant upon Mr. Loss’ evaluations and recommendations. For the past several years, we have been running a modified therapeutic community for sexual offenders at our Medium Moran facility. This treatment mod houses 72 inmates. There continues to be a strong relationship with both the victim advocate and probation and parole officers as part of parole readiness and re-entry. Inmates in other facilities, especially Maximum and Women’s Division, also receive treatment when appropriate. We continue to orient all newly sentenced sexual offenders. Institution of this orientation has had the effect of no longer allowing inmates to keep their crimes hidden. It is an opportunity to clarify facts and myths about our treatment program. We also offer a seven-session educational program to assist inmates along the process of readiness for treatment.

In addition to our active SOTP programs within the prisons, the RIDOC has been a very active participant in the State-wide Sexual Offender Management Task Force. RIDOC sought and received funding for this effort from the Center for Sexual Offender Management in Washington, DC.

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