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Statewide Reentry Initiative

Teresa Foley, Professional Services Coordinator/Transitional Services

Dix Building
Cranston, RI 02920
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"Ex-inmates have gone from America's most wanted to America's least wanted. The churning of repeat offenders through the system poses a risk to public safety and contributes to rising correctional costs." 
A.T. Wall, II, RIDOC Director


Reentry-Related Publications and Press Coverage


Click here for an Issue Brief on Reducing Recidivism published by the Pew Center for the States' Public Safety Performance Project, or here to watch a video on the same topic.

Click here for the Powerpoint presentation prepared by Ralph Orleck for the Reentry Summit held in Warwick on November 29, 2011. It was shown during the morning workshop titled Education, Employment and Job Training.

Click here for a December 2, 2011, article in Providence en Espanol (in Spanish) about the November 29, 2011 Reentry Summit held at the Inn at the Crossings in Warwick and attended by 315 key players in the state's prisoner reentry efforts.

Click here for a November 18, 2011, Providence Journal article on the RIDOC's reentry efforts, the result of the Fall 2011 reentry-focused Media Day.

Click here for a November 17, 2011 WPRI (Channel 12) story on the RIDOC's reentry efforts, the result of the Fall 2011 reentry-focused Media Day..

Click here to see an October 13, 2011, Cranston Herald article about probationers in Cranston and how inmates are prepared for release.

Click here to see an October 13, 2011, Cranston Herald article about the Habitat for Humanity project female inmates are involved in.

Click here for Reentry Myth Busters from the Federal Agency Reentry Council.

Click here to listen to a Bureau of Justice Assistance podcast featuring Director A.T. Wall speaking about Justice Reinvestment and Prisoner Reentry.

Click here to link to a June 21st USA Today story on reentry initiatives in Michigan and Rhode Island in which Director Wall is quoted.

Click here to link to a posting on the zip06.com community website for a press release about the work of the Westerly Reentry Council, and here to link to a Thursday, December 10th story on the council on page 1 of the Westerly Sun.

Click here to link to a list of press coverage from the Justice Center of The Council of State Government's website.

Click here to link to an article by Bernice Yeung in the July-August issue of Miller-McCune magazine titled Freeze You're Under Examination about Rhode Island's Project Bridge and the importance of providing continuity of healthcare services to high risk inmates returning to their communities.

An article on the Woonsocket Reentry Council's community forum on prisoner reentry appeared in the Providence Journal on Sunday, June 21st. Access it by clicking here. The Woonsocket Call's June 18th article on the same forum can be accessed here.

Click here to link to in the Providence Journal on Saturday, September 13th, about the new Probation & Parole Office, co-located with the District 2 Providence Police Department substation, in the Urban League building on Prairie Street.

Click here to link to RIDOC Policy 20.10 Offender Reentry - Transition from Prison to the Community.

Click herePDF Icon to link to an article co-written by Director A.T. Wall and Chief of Information and P.R. Tracey Z. Poole titled Parternships with Local Law Enforcement and Community Agencies: A Critical Component to Successful Prisoner Reentry, which appears in the April 2008 issue of the ACA's magazine, Corrections Today.

Click here for a brochure on the April 2008 conference Interrupted Life: How do we Break the Cycle of Inter-generational Crime and Violence?

Click here to link to a June 2007 story by the Providence Journal's Tom Mooney on the Girl Scouts Beyond Bars program, which strengthens the bond between daughters and their mothers, who are incarcerated at the ACI.

Publications for Prisoner Reentry

The following list of resources was prepared by the Department of Labor Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. For questions or further information, contact them at 202-693-6450 or the Office of Youth Services at 202.693.3030.

Each year more than 650,000 men and women are released from federal and state prisons, and return to their communities and families. To aid community leaders and law enforcement officials, The United States Department of Labor's Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives is pleased to announce the following prisoner reentry materials.

Available for download: http://www.dol.gov/cfbci/20071101Mentoring.pdf

Just Out -- This promising practices guide examines the early implementation of Ready4Work and reports on the best emerging practices in four key program areas.

Available for download: http://www.ppv.org/ppv/publications/assets/198_publication.pdf


Overview or Prison Reentry in Rhode Island

With Rhode Island’s prison population reaching record numbers (average inmate population in calendar year 2008 was 3,837), prisoner reentry is quickly becoming a major public safety and budgetary issue. To address this issue, RI is working towards an integrated statewide system that fosters the preparation & gradual transition of incarcerated individuals to productive, healthy, & crime-free lives.

Developing coordinated reentry strategies, including social services and life skills training, in addition to the traditional supervision of probation and parole, helps ex-inmates break the cycle of incarceration. Evidence suggests that providing services beyond post release supervision, such as substance abuse treatment, mental health services, job placement and educational services lowers the recidivism rate. 

The community benefits from reentry programs that work. Public safety improves and correctional and criminal justice costs are reduced in the long run when ex-inmates are directed away from re-offending to more productive work.


Working under the guidance of Governor Carcieri’s Steering Committee on Prisoner Reentry (established through Executive Order 04-02) RI has initiated a comprehensive approach to offender reentry. This approach, facilitated with technical assistance from the National Institute of Corrections, represents the combined efforts of the Department of Corrections, the state legislature, numerous other state agencies, local governments, law enforcement and countless community agencies. The committee includes key state agencies and is divided into three tiers. The first tier, comprised mainly of cabinet-level appointees, focuses on larger policy issues. The second tier, consisting of departmental appointees and directors of community based organizations, examines management issues. The third tier, comprised of font-line worker and managers, addresses programmatic issues.

Additionally, community reentry councils, a group of community leaders and service providers, have been established in Providence, Pawtucket, Newport and Warwick to help assist offenders returning to their community.

Our Partners in Offender Reentry: