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Probation & Parole: General Information

In Rhode Island, Adult Probation and Parole falls under the umbrella of the Rhode Island Department of Corrections. As of July 2015, there are 79 Probation and Parole Officers, 9 supervisors, one Deputy Compact Administrator, and 24 support staff in the unit. Probation and Parole is managed by an Administrator and an Assistant Administrator . The Administrator reports to the Associate Director of Rehabilitative Services.

Adult Probation and Parole is a community-based program within the Rhode Island Department of Corrections, Division of Rehabilitative Services. Probation and Parole is guided by the concept that offenders, by making use of appropriate rehabilitative services and refraining from illegal activities, can function responsibly, safely, and productively within society. In support of this goal, the mission of Adult Probation and Parole is to supervise offenders' community activities, monitor compliance with conditions of probation or parole, and provide a range of services in order to promote protection of the community, rehabilitation of the offender, and successful integration of the offender into productive society.