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Correctional Officer Position

Correctional Officer Position

A Correctional Officer is responsible for the supervision, custody and control of adult inmates incarcerated at the Adult Correctional Institution to include but not limited to the following:

  • Care, Custody, and supervision of inmates & activities
  • Provide escorts/transports of inmates
  • Inmate accountability
  • Enforce rules and regulations
  • Search for contraband
  • Inspect facilities for safety and security
  • Incident report writing
  • Aid in rehabilitation and counseling of inmates

 Requirements to become a Correctional Officer

  • Must possess a High School Diploma or GED
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must possess a valid photo identification card 
  • Must possess a valid social security card or alien registration card
  • Must be fluent in English 
  • Must pass a comprehensive screening process including a written examination, a local and nationwide criminal records check, a physical fitness test, a background investigation, Oral Interview, a psychological assessment, medical screening and drug testing
  • Must successfully complete a twelve-week, rigorous non-residential pre-service Training Academy during which time Correctional Officer Trainees receive a training stipend of $500 per week without benefits. Successful completion of the pre-service training program is required to obtain permanent status as a Correctional Officer.

Screening Process

  • Application – applicant will need to complete the Pre-Employment application in its entirety
  • Physical Fitness Test – refer to the Correctional Officer Applicant Success Guide for further information.
  • BCI/NCIC – This will a criminal history check both locally and nation-wide.
  • Written Examination - Applicants must successfully complete a written examination, which measures interpersonal skills and cognitive reasoning. The examination is designed, prepared, and scored by an independent, professional research company. All candidates are encouraged to review the Correctional Officer Applicant Success Guide prior to the administration of the written examination.
  • Background Investigation - Applicants will then undergo an extensive background investigation conducted by a member of the Rhode Island Department of Corrections regarding their past employment record, education, criminal history, consumer credit history, community reputation, military service, and overall character.
  • Oral Interview - Applicants that successfully pass the physical agility assessment, written examination, and background investigation will appear before a structured oral interview board. The structured oral interview consists of a series of questions administered by departmental members and conducted in a fair and impartial manner. Applicants receive ratings for each question posed. Additionally, applicants will be evaluated on oral communication, interpersonal skills, effectiveness under stress as well as appearance and demeanor. All candidates are encouraged to review the Correctional Officer Applicant Success Guide prior to the administration of the structured oral interview.
  • Psychological Assessment - Applicants deemed eligible to continue in the process are administered a written psychological examination, along with a follow-up interview by a licensed psychologist. All evaluations are interpreted by a licensed psychologist retained by the Department of Corrections.
  • Medical and Drug Screening - Applicants deemed eligible to continue in the process must pass a complete medical examination and be found medically qualified by a physician designated by the Rhode Island Department of Corrections.

Benefits Include (Upon appointment as a Correctional Officer):

  • Starting annual salary of $52,656
  • Health, dental and vision coverage
  • Pension plan 
  • Paid vacation and personal days
  • Paid holidays 
  • Sick leave benefits
  • College incentive pay 
  • Step pay increases
  • Clothing maintenance allowance
  • Opportunities for career advancement

Correctional Officer Specialized Units

  • Correctional Emergency Response Team
  • Tactical Team
  • Weapons Team
  • Special Investigations Unit (SIU)
  • Office of Inspections
  • Records and Identification
  • K-9
  • RIBCO Honor Guard
  • Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)
  • Peer Support
  • Training
  • Home Confinement