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Implementing a New Rehabilitative Program at RIDOC

As part of RIDOC’s mission to operate a balanced correctional system, rehabilitative programming is made available to offenders during their incarceration. This programming includes educational, vocational, mental health, substance abuse, and other therapeutic interventions.

If you are interested in providing a rehabilitative program inside the prison at no cost, you will need to contact Ken Findlay, Professional Services Coordinator. Paid contracts for institutional programming are issued in compliance with State Purchasing regulations. Solicitations for such programming are posted on www.purchasing.ri.gov Prior to contacting the Professional Services Coordinator, you should document your program’s goals, measurable objectives, and activities on the forms below. Additionally, you should document the theoretical basis for your program and the planned method for evaluating the effectiveness of your program.

You need to complete these forms before contacting the Professional Services Coordinator:

If you need assistance preparing this documentation, please contact the Planning & Research Unit.